Goals in Japan

Here is my “bucket list” of things to do whilst in Japan. Hopefully before I leave the country and come back home for good, I can look back and have checked every single one off.
Experience goals:
  • visit an onsen
  • wear a kimono and watch the fireworks during summer
  • watch the trees during cherry blossom season
  • join a martial arts club and learn Kendo, Iaido, Aikido or Karate
  • learn some kanji and try my hand at calligraphy
  • drive on the right side of the road
  • Sing karaoke with my co-workers and make a fantastic fool of myself
  • go to the legendary penis festival (I’ve heard of this and can’t believe its real. I have to see it for my own eyes)
  • get involved in the local community and in my school
  • film some short movies ala wongfuproductions style
Travel goals:
  • climb Mt. Fuji
  • go snowboarding in Hokkaido
  • visit Osaka castle, Kyoto City and go on a temple sight-seeing tour
  • visit the beautiful beaches of Okinawa and go surfing
Culinary goals:
  • eat from a ramen cart, the sketchiest, yet most flavourful one I can find
  • eat fugu sashimi (and not die. I will probably save this for the end of my trip so my students aren’t without a teacher)
  • eat onsen tamago and onsen bao
  • drink a Sapporo in Sapporo
  • learn how to cook  full course Japanese dinner
  • sample the local delicacy or specialty in every city/region I visit

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