My Apartment in Japan

I`ve been getting a lot of requests to show some pictures of my apartment, so I decided to take it one step further and make a video of it. Somewhere during the middle of filming, I decided to stop midway and re-do it completely in the spirit of MTV cribs. So without further a do..

Part 1:

Part 2:

Also, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I`ve been getting quite backed up the past couple of weeks since I`ve finally started work and have less time to blog. It takes me about a day to write a post so at this rate I`m never going to catch up. Thus I`m going to summarize the rest of the August in one or two posts and include a video or two for next time, so I can finally catch up to the present.


5 thoughts on “My Apartment in Japan

  1. wow, that is such a nice place!
    I just did my Jet interview today with a fever and stomach ache.
    I’m so nervous.
    Do you think you’ll be renewing your contract?

    1. Thanks, I don`t think its too bad either. You interviewed early..Toronto interviews are next week this year. So tell me, howd it go.
      And yes, the recontracting deadline has passed and I am happy to report that I will be staying for another year.

  2. I believe that’s because they have their reading break a week after Vancouver =D
    I think I read and loved every entry from your blog while I was hovering on my chair with pain.
    My interview went alright, unlike you, I prepared the night before and memorized a bunch of Japanese current events until 3am. I think I barely slept.
    For my interview, I was 45 minutes early, because I was paranoid.
    The worst part was probably when they asked me who the PM of Japan was… I totally forgot to look that up…So I tried to distract them by describing the Japanese Imperial family’s visit to Canada and how Akihito (the Emperor) wrote a little poem. But the girl at the end “But you don’t know who the Prime Minister of Japan is?” “No..Unfortunately.”
    Anyway, I think I’m going to have to start looking for other internship opportunities just in case.
    If I do miraculously get into the program, maybe we can hang out IN JAPAN! =D
    p.s thanks for the reply

    1. I’m glad my blog helped you get through your debilitating illness but unfortunately I charge extra for that. 10 cookies or any equivalent payment will do. Your interview went fine. You learned the most CURRENT possible news and didn’t give your brain enough time to forget it. And it doesn’t matter that you totally screwed up that question because most Japanese have no idea who the current prime minister is anyway – there’s one scandal after another and the new one is always about to get canned. Smooth save there too, B+. Anyway since you rocked the interview, find me when you get here and give me my cookies. Maybe we can hang out if you turn out to be a good source of tasty cookies.

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