The Quest For Pants and Japanese BBQs

August 7
The following day, I decided to do a bit of shopping. I wasn`t sure what I needed to buy yet, but I was sure It would come to me eventually. The first stop was the local Yamada Denki; a big box electronic retailer. I remembered I had pretty much no space left on my computer to upload videos (since HD video takes up quite a bit of space), so I bought a 1TB hard drive.

The next stop was to check out the local Uniqlo. Uniqlo, known the world over, is basically like the Japanese H&M or Gap. Actually I think it occupies a demographic right in the middle of those two retailers. Not QUITE as trendy as H&M nor as plain as Gap.

Anyways this would be my first experience with the exercise in absolute futility that is finding pants that fit in this country.

In Canada, I worked out quite consistently. I did around 25 heavy squats with almost 300 lbs every other day. The result of this was that I got bigger all around, but especially in my thighs.

I almost wish I didn’t work out so hard because unfortunately, people in Japan a) do not work out and b) THE SKINNIEST LEGS IN THE WORLD.

Uniqlo is actually known as one of the more “foreigner-friendly” clothing retailers; “foreigner-friendly” ofcourse being the polite way of saying ” clothes fo` yo` fat ass”. Sadly, I occupy an in between size that doesn’t actually exist in Japan, so either my pants are too loose and too large, or the right length but far too narrow. It is quite aggravating.

Anyways, I ended up buying a belt at Uniqlo before the next stop in the shopping journey, a large mall in Saitama, the prefecture neighbouring Gunma to the south. It sounds like a long drive, but the place where I live is a 2 minute drive from the border.

For some reason there was a wrestling event going on inside the mall. The dudes were slamming each other into the matts pretty hard.

After much searching, I managed to find a hat and *gasp* a pair of pants at the mall. It remains the only pair of pants for work I have been able to find in Japan thus far. I know there are more out there though. Somewhere..

After the shopping trip, I had a BBQ to go to, which was hosted by an exchange program between Regina, Canada, and my city; Fujioka. It was a good evening filled with delicious food, and my first introduction to drinking with my bosses. Or rather, graciously accepting shot after shot of Okinawan Sake from my supervisor`s supervisor`s supervisor. The rest of the night was a blur after that.


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