Haruna Water Fireworks

After ordering an iphone and getting Mos Burgers, Ken and I drove up Haruna Mountain (which should we well known to anyone who`s familiar with the anime Initial D – It`s called Akina in the series). Near the peak of Haruna Mountain was a big lake where there was a small fireworks festival taking place. I say small in the loosest sense of the word because if there`s one thing that Japan prioritizes in its fiscal budget, it is apparently fireworks.

The two really cool things about this fireworks display were
1) The water fireworks – teams of speedboats would speed up and down the lake, and people would push boxes of fireworks out the back of the boat, where they would explode off the surface of the lake several seconds later.

2) Real actual legit lasers. These things were unbelievable, and I had no idea they existed. They shot solid looking beams of lasers into the sky, in much the same way spotlights are used, but to much cooler effect. At one point the whole thing looked like a war scene against alien invaders. It was like if someone at some point thought “ Hmm, yeah these fireworks are pretty cool, but you know what would make them even more awesome? LASERS!”, and that’s exactly what happened.

This was so freaking cool…

The rest of the festival was also a lot of fun. There were pretty girls dressed in yukata (summer kimonos) and lots of delicious food, albeit most of it was fried. It was an enjoyable festival although the drive back got a bit frustrating due to the traffic.


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