Kaiten Zushi All Day Every Day

Aug 12

The following day, I decided I wanted to buy a Macbookpro to replace my 5 year old Dell, so we headed to the huge 5 floor Yamada Denki at the Takasaki train station. I discovered that buying a Macbookpro in Japan is a fantastic deal, because not only do you get a discount, you get points that are applicable towards another purchase. In my case, I would end up getting almost $300 in points. I`d have to wait another week or so to pick it up though.

After Yamada Denki, I went to a kaiten zushi place. kaiten sushi is really really awesome. You sit at a table and a conveyor belt beside you brings little plates of sushi around which cost 100 yen each. If you see something you like, you take it off the conveyor belt, and as you accumulate plates, you stack them one on top of another so the server knows how much to charge you. I really enjoyed it.

I REALLY enjoyed it.

Aug 13

So yeah, I enjoyed kaiten sushi so much that I went there again the following day. Afterwards, I bought my Suica card (card for the train that you can put money into for convenience) and Ken and I went back to Takasaki via train to go check out a bar called Yamato. Yamato is especially awesome because they serve beer in 1 litre jugs for only ¥400. While in Takasaki, we ran into some other friends and went restaurant and bar hopping for the rest of the night. Sadly, because I was a moron, I lost my first Suica card on the exact same day I got it.

Oh well. Cheers to Japan! KANPAI!


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