Shibukawa Festival and Maebashi Fireworks

Aug 14

The following morning, I went to go workout at the local community gym. I don`t remember if I`ve written about this before, but that gym is pretty much one of the saddest excuses for a training facility I`ve ever been to. The only freeweights they had were welded barbells that maxed out at 100 lbs. I was benching 100lbs for 20-30 reps to the absolute amazement of the other gym patrons. It was pretty sad.

After the workout, it was back to Takasaki to get a ride with one of my friends, JY to go to a festival. JY is a cool dude, he`s a fellow Torontonian JET. He`s a man of short stature, but bursting with spunk and attitude. He calls himself the WRX Demon due to his love of Subarus and I think it`s a pretty fitting alias. He drives a ridiculously fast turbo-charged kei-car, and is an absolute monster tearing up the mountains of Gunma.

The plan was to head to Shibukawa, a city in the centre of Gunma, for a big festival. However JY took a detour up and down Haruna mountain which was absolutely insane; one of the craziest drives of my life. It was literally like being in a roller coaster that wasn`t securely attached to a rail.

Drift lines. Multiple ones, and the guard rails were all banged up. This road was a legit drift course.

When we finally got to Shibukawa, it took us an over an hour to find a place to park. We eventually caught the end of the festival which was pretty cool as there were these huge shrines being carried by groups of people. It was sort of like a parade like back home, but instead of floats just slowly rolling down the street, these massive shrines were being carried on the shoulders of the participants.

After the Shibukawa festival, we went to Maebashi to watch the fireworks display. I didn’t think it possible, but these fireworks were even more mind-blowing than the ones on Haruna lake. They were absolutely incredible, and they went on for over an hour. I`m pretty sure millions of dollars worth of fireworks were used up. I have some videos which I`ll put up soon.


One thought on “Shibukawa Festival and Maebashi Fireworks

  1. the not securely attached to the rails feeling is the crappy suspension showing its quality :p

    If you are free sunday you can help Mike and I me put my coilovers in my new Silvia.

    Then we can see what a proper stiff suspension feels like.

    on a side note… I like your blog. It reminds me of one I know pretty well 😉 excellent shots good writing.

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