The Plight of Pizza in Japan

Aug 9

The next day, I went to Pizza Stadium, the one place in Fujioka that sells half decent normal pizza. The art of pizza making is one of those things that has been thoroughly “Japanified” to the point where its almost something completely different. Think Mayo, corn, and BBQ eel as staples of Japanese pizza, and you`d be somewhere along the right track.

That`s not to say its not GOOD, its just different. Pizza Stadium sells some pretty good traditional pizza, and one of the cool things about going there is that the owners of the shop always throw in some free extras for the teachers. In Japan, being a teacher is a very highly regarded position in society so it`s quite common to be offered extras as a sort of “thank you for setting my kids straight” kind of thing. I got a free pop, cucumbers, and a tomato.

The other problematic thing about pizza in Japan is that its expensive! For a normal large sized pizza where I live, you`re looking at dropping about $30. Yikes!

While waiting for the pizza to cook, I went to this amazing toy store across the street. I have to go back to take pictures, but this place was seriously one of the coolest places I`ve ever been to. They had awesome super rare action figures, consoles and toys from my childhood for dirt cheap prices. The place was sort of like a toy/game pawn-shop where people go to get rid of their old collectibles. Absolute heaven for toy nerds. I didn`t have my camera on me unfortunately, but I am definitely going back there because it was such an awesome place.


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