Waterfalls and Mountains – Just Another Day in Fujioka

Aug  18

It had been a few days too many since we had a random driving adventure, so Ken and I hopped in the car and just started driving west towards the mountains. This was an unbelievably scenic day filled with random stops at streams, rivers, waterfalls, and on the side of the road due to being lost.

While we were driving, I spotted something out of the corner of my eye, which turned out to be one of the coolest discoveries we`ve ever made in Fujioka – a waterfall off the side of the road. So we pulled over, climbed over the rail, descended the ravine and just stared in awe at what a marvelous spectacle it was.

After 15 minutes or so, I decided I wanted to take a picture in the middle of it. This would prove to be one of my more Darwinian moments as the current was too strong in the centre, and I was swept over the crest of the falls and lost my hat. On the other hand, I didn`t smash my face into a pile of rocks so that`s a pretty good trade off I guess. I also got some pretty sweet pics.

One of the coolest pictures I`ve ever been in. I can`t believe this is in my backyard.

This was moments before I was swept down the falls

After the waterfall incident, we decided to continue up the mountains and try to reach Fujioka`s highest peak. There were some interesting stops on the way up, such as an empty shrine, and a restaurant in the middle of nowhere near the top of the mountain. The restaurant was especially cool because they had fishing ponds outside where you could catch your own fish, bring them inside, and cook them over coals.

We came upon a parking lot 500 meters from the summit. The climb up the remaining 500m was challenging. There were also multiple signs warning you to be cautious of bears and not to fall off the edge of the cliff. Good to know.

Finally we made it to the top! It was extremely rewarding and a lot of fun. This mountain was 1522.3M above sea level; one of the taller mountains in Gunma


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