The JET Experience Vlogs # 5 and 6

A couple of fun videos for you to watch today. Vlog #5 is a short video showing some of the beautiful mountains of Fujioka on top of the picturesque Sakurayama. I wrote about and posted pictures of that place before, and now you can enjoy some of the gorgeous scenic views as well.

Vlog # 6 is a music video montage of some of the clips I’ve collected over the course of August.  I cut lots of stuff out because it didnt fit with the music or it ran over the time limit, but if I get a chance, I’ll add that footage in a future video.

Shots included are of:
– driving in and around Fujioka and Takasaki
– eating at kaiten zushi (conveyor belt sushi)
– go-karting in Isesaki
– playing in random waterfalls in Fujioka
– driving up the tallest mountain in Fujioka
– Shibukawa Festival
– Maebashi Fireworks

To be honest, I just threw the clips together against some music with minimal editing because right now I don’t have the luxury of devoting lots of time to editing, what with work, writing, catching up on backlogged posts and more videos, and you know, those inconvenient time sucks of the day – eating and sleeping. Once I’ve caught up more and have figured out how to use Final Cut Pro properly (It’s tough being an Adobe Premiere lifer and jumping ship to FCP) The calibre of these videos should improve. But nonetheless, please enjoy the fruits of my efforts and live vicariously through me, since I want you to be able to experience the awesomeness that is Japan as well.


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