My Fan Club

So I pretty much have an official fanclub.

Every morning when I arrive at school, there is a group of about 4 or
5 girls lying in wait to ambush me at my shoe locker. Sometimes I even
catch them peeking from around a corner, giggling with feverish
anticipation as I walk through the doors of the building. Sometimes I
arrive 25 minutes before the bell rings and sometimes I arrive 2
minutes before, but they are always there, watching, waiting.

As soon as I am 1 or 2 meters from my locker, they break out into a
dash and make a bee-line for my locker. They block me off and prevent
me from switching to my indoor shoes so they can gaze at me with
beaming smiles before I finally manage to pry them off.

The funny thing is, between the 4 or 5 of them, there is only just enough English ability to carry on a short conversation. This makes it necessary for them to travel as a group. Fortunately, this also makes it easier for me to hide from them as they roam the halls squealing “APPORO-SAMA <3<3<3 WHERE ARE YOUUU"

A few weeks ago, for my amusement I made them add the -sama suffix to my name.

from wikipedia:
" Sama (様 【さま】?) is a markedly more respectful version of san. It is
used mainly to refer to people much higher in rank than oneself,
toward one's customers, and sometimes toward people one greatly
admires. When used to refer to oneself, sama expresses extreme
arrogance (or self-effacing irony), as with ore-sama (俺様?, "my
esteemed self"). "

It`s pretty hilarious seeing my co-workers expressions as my fan club comes running into the teachers office during lunchtime to deliver me snacks yelling "Aporro-sama <3!" It basically amounts to " Lord Apollo! Where are you, oh esteemed master! "

I guess I don`t mind them that much. They are kind of bothersome sometimes but I suppose thats the price you pay for being a celebrity. *shrugs*


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