The Crazy Class

The other funny class is the crazy class. Now this class isn`t even one of the ACTUAL crazy ones; one of my second year classes takes the crown for that. The reason it`s called the Crazy Class is because one day, I decided to play a little prank on my JTE.

At the start of every class, my JTE and I begin by greeting the students, asking them what the day, date, and weather is like, then asking how they are feeling.

Usually, the reply is an unenthusiastic “so-so” or “hungry” or maybe “sleepy”. I decided to try mixing it up by teaching them “crazy”.

When I explained what it means, they were initially excited. However, once the realization set in of what they were being asked to do, a heavy silence filled the classroom. I gave them a thumbs up while they all looked at each other with worry and apprehension.

You see my JTE for this classroom is a national Kendo champion, and she strikes fear into the hearts of every single student. I once saw her in a duel with one of my fellow teachers. He was dressed in full Kendo body armour, while my JTE put on a…headband. The other teacher got absolutely slaughtered.

So my JTE comes in, and we do the morning bow and greeting, then ask them the date and the weather. Finally my JTE asks “How is everyone feeling today?”

The students glanced around at each other nervously.

Finally one spoke up “ I`m..I`m crazy..”

My JTE looked confused “…What?”

Another one spoke up. “ I`m..I`m crazy too!”

And another one! “ Me too!”

“I`m also crazy!”

“ I`m super crazy!”

Murmurs filled the classroom and slowly got louder. Finally, the whole class gathered up the courage. I decided to ask one more time.

“`s everyone feeling today?”

A big resounding “I`M CRAZY!!!!!”

My JTE stared at them, then stared at me, bewildered. Then she let out an exasperated sigh. “This was your idea wasn`t it.”

“Yeah. Sorry, I`m crazy.”

Much laughter ensued. I was so proud of the class.

Now whenever that class begins and I ask the students how they are feeling, they all yell out “I`M CRAZY!!!!!” and proceed to burst out into laughter, as if to pat themselves on the back for coordinating such a clever joke.

It`s been two months. I should probably teach them a new adjective.


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