The Elephant Class

I have a couple of funny classes that are particularly memorable. One of them is the Elephant class and the other is the Crazy class. Let`s start with the elephant class in this post.

The elephant class earned its name because one day during one of my Q&A with Apollo lessons, I mixed up one of the questions. Instead of asking “Do you come to school by bike?” I asked “ Do you come to school by…elephant?”. Once the student figured out what I was asking, the entire class blew up with laughter at the ridiculousness of such a proposition. For the return question, he asked me “ Do you like..elephant?” To which I replied “Yes I do. It`s delicious.” This resulted in a chorus of excited laughter. The students realized that every proceding question could now pertain to elephants.

I was then made to answer every single elephant related question they could think of with their limited vocabulary and grammar

“Do you love elephant?” It is my favourite food, pet, and friend.

“Do you eat elephant everyday?” Only for breakfast and dinner.

“How many elephants do you have?” I have 6…in my stomach.

“Where did you buy your elephant?” Hyaku-en store (dollar store)

What colour is your elephant?” It`s shiny and black.

Can I have your elephant?” Okay.

“Do you come to school by elephant?” Only when its raining.

By the end of the lesson, the students still wouldn`t let it go. I occasionally still get students asking me elephant related questions. I encourage it only because it prompts my students to ask me more elephant related questions once they learn new grammar structures. Thus that class has now become the elephant class.


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