So I pretty much gave away the content of the post in the title. This past week, I had to finalize my decision as to whether or not to stay another year on the JET Programme.

I actually received the papers around January 16 or 17 last month and spent an entire 5 minutes deliberating my decision before signing it and handing it in for approval. I don`t know if that`s some kind of record or something. I was kind of alarmed how quickly I made the decision although I had been thinking about it already since I first arrived.

After being here for 6 months, it amazes me both how far I feel like I`ve come and at the same time how little I`ve scratched the surface of what it means to live in Japan. 6 months flies by like nothing at all and I can still vividly recall the sense of wonder I had as I first walked through the neon streets of Shinjuku in Tokyo.

There is still so much to do. There is still so much to see. There are still so many lives to touch. Viva la vida.


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