Recent Re-cap

I`ve got a bunch of stuff to recap from the past few weeks so I`ll just post some pictures of the more interesting events.

At the beginning of the month, my girlfriend(left) came to visit Japan. She came two days before my birthday. I had a small gathering with my friends in the building and had a potluck dinner.

Went snowboarding at Shiga-kogen, the olympic slopes of the Nagano Olympics in 1998. It was awesome.

On March 11th, the earthquake and tsunami hit after I got home from graduation. It was the saddest day ever.

A week after the earthquake and tsunami, my girlfriend suddenly left Japan, following the wishes of her family who feared for her safety. I went with her to Narita airport and we had to stay overnight. It was the worst day of my life. Narita airport was absolutely packed. This is the line at 6am, an hour before the check-in counters even open. I`m going to have to face it all over again when I go to Hong Kong next friday to meet up with my girlfriend again for spring break. Not looking forward to it one bit.

We`ve started having rolling blackouts, as I`ve previously explained. My friends Jess and Kenji are super fortunate because the area where they live is exempt from the blackouts. So a few nights ago, we had a potluck at their house to escape the blackout.

I went to the flea market yesterday. I bought a guitar for 30 bucks. It was sweet. The flea market itself was very interesting. Vendors set up shop on a big dirt field/parking lot and sold stuff out of vans. This guy (along with many others) were selling antique weaponry. Yes, those are real authentic Japanese katana that go for at least $2500 each. At a flea market.

At the flea market, I also saw a stuffed tanooki that was all dressed up. It was the weirdest thing ever.

Last night we gathered at Jess`s house again for a night of Settlers of Catan. It was tons of fun. Might become a regular thing now.

Today, my GoPro Hero HD came in the mail. I love I ordered this like 3 days ago and it came on a holiday. This afternoon, I went and shot some video with it which I will be uploading soon.

Phew I guess that`s about it. I`ve got some videos I`ve been putting on the backburner for awhile so once I get those posted, I`ll be pretty much caught up. Then I can start posting about what`s going on day to day more consistently again.


3 thoughts on “Recent Re-cap

  1. Hi! I am a shortlister for 2011 and I stumbled upon your blog while obsessively reading about what to expect when I move in July. The reason I am commenting instead of just lurking is to say I LOVE SETTLERS OF CATAN! In fact I am a great fan of a lot of German board games, and will be bringing quite a few with me when I move. Do you know if this is the sort of thing we can do with our students as ALT’s? I would love to start a board game club, or introduce Catan to an English club.

    Thanks so much for writing about your experiences in Japan in such detail, it is making me sooo excited to start my own adventure.

    1. You will probably definitely be able to start up a club! Just be careful because you might be expected to devote a lot of time to it! Congratulations on being shortlisted by the way. Are you group A or B

      1. I am a group A, so I will miss your seminar presentation unfortunately!
        Perhaps getting the lay of the land before trying to start a board game club is a better idea… thanks for the headsup!
        The wait for placements is killer!
        So many exclamation points!

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