Mini-update (Real Updates Coming Soon!)

Yep, I fell off the boat with the updates again. I went to Hong Kong for a week and since I got back a couple weeks ago, I`ve been spending all my time editing pictures and posting them on my facebook. I shot about 50gb worth of pictures and video and its been like a full time job working on everything. I`ll post some of my best shots here soon though.

In other, local news..the new school year has started. That means new first years and new co-workers. Lots of novelty and excitement. It`s also sakura season ( has been for the past week and a half, but the sakura petals are quickly blowing away) so Japan is really beautiful right now.

Looks like JET acceptance notifications will probably be released this week. Goodluck everyone. The wait is almost over.

In more international news..There haven`t been many adverse developments in the nuclear situation up in Fukushima. Thank goodness for that. Those brave souls are fighting tirelessly day and night so that the rest of us can keep on living normally. We are all truly indebted. There have also been lots of powerful aftershocks in different parts of the country lately. It seems that not a day or two goes by where there isn`t at least a small earthquake. It`s a bit unnerving sometimes, but at least now I have faith in the way Japanese people build their structures and buildings. They are really built to last through anything.

Lastly, in relation to that, there is one more thing I wanted to share – this amazing and heartbreaking video of the struggles that the northeast is going through right now. Please, please try to give.

If you watched the video, sorry if this post turned out to feel kind of heavy. I will post some more updates soon (sooner this time). In the meantime, thanks again for dropping by my blog, and leave some suggestions in the comments. I have a ton of ideas but I would love to hear what you, my readers would like me to talk about as well.


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