Check out the new GunmaJET website

So this year, I`ve gotten involved in the Gunma JET association. We`ve been working on planning a lot of upcoming events for the current and incoming JETs this year. One of the new things we`ve got going is a freshly revamped and completely redesigned website. I think it`s a great read for any one who is interested in JET and would like another perspective from my own. It`s also sure to be a fantastic resource for all the incoming JETs, many of whom will likely be placed in Gunma. So check it out.

Here is the website:


There is a lot of stuff planned for the website, so keep checking back on it. The archives are awesome too, with lots of excellent material written up by many of the local JETs.


Congratulations to the new 2011 JET Programme Shortlisters!

Congratulations to all those JETs who were shortlisted and those alternates who have been upgraded. It may or may not have hit you yet, but soon you will realize what an amazing adventure you have in store for you. So goodluck with your preparations and I hope your placement requests work out well.

I`m also incredibly happy because two of my close friends who are on the alternate list have now been upgraded. If you yourself are still on the waiting list, then don`t give up hope. I believe that in general, the number of alternates is roughly equal to the number of people they expect to drop out, so you still have a good chance of getting in. In anycase, goodluck, and I wish you the best during the wait.

I`ve also got more good news on my end. If you`re a new JET and are reading my blog, you might be interested to know that I`m going to be attending Tokyo Orientation B in August. What`s more, I`m going to be conducting one of the seminar presentations. I will probably be doing the “Troubleshooting in the Classroom” seminar, so make sure to sign up for it as I`ll be doing my best to make it as informative as possible. If anyone has any ideas about what they`d like me to talk about, drop a comment down below!

I`m really looking forward to meeting you guys in August, and in the near future, I`m planning a bunch of articles that I hope will help your preparation. Again, if you have some ideas about what you`d like to know about, then don`t be a stranger and make sure to leave a comment.