Congratulations to the new 2011 JET Programme Shortlisters!

Congratulations to all those JETs who were shortlisted and those alternates who have been upgraded. It may or may not have hit you yet, but soon you will realize what an amazing adventure you have in store for you. So goodluck with your preparations and I hope your placement requests work out well.

I`m also incredibly happy because two of my close friends who are on the alternate list have now been upgraded. If you yourself are still on the waiting list, then don`t give up hope. I believe that in general, the number of alternates is roughly equal to the number of people they expect to drop out, so you still have a good chance of getting in. In anycase, goodluck, and I wish you the best during the wait.

I`ve also got more good news on my end. If you`re a new JET and are reading my blog, you might be interested to know that I`m going to be attending Tokyo Orientation B in August. What`s more, I`m going to be conducting one of the seminar presentations. I will probably be doing the “Troubleshooting in the Classroom” seminar, so make sure to sign up for it as I`ll be doing my best to make it as informative as possible. If anyone has any ideas about what they`d like me to talk about, drop a comment down below!

I`m really looking forward to meeting you guys in August, and in the near future, I`m planning a bunch of articles that I hope will help your preparation. Again, if you have some ideas about what you`d like to know about, then don`t be a stranger and make sure to leave a comment.


14 thoughts on “Congratulations to the new 2011 JET Programme Shortlisters!

  1. I would really like some suggestions about what to collect pictures/video of before I leave. In particular what, in your experience, have been the topics that have most excited your students? Food? School life in another country? Wild animals?

    1. Take some videos of your everyday life. Try to make a video of a “day in your life”. Even stuff like visiting the supermarket is like a glimpse into another world for your students.

      In regards to specific topics, I`d say it`s not so much the content that matters as it is them having an excuse to talk to you. You could be talking about the weather but if you are able to joke around and have a laugh with your kids while communicating in english, that by itself is going to have a very powerful impact. So at the beginning, try to foster that rapport building vibe, and you`ll find that the topics just tumble out of you.

      Some good things to talk about are:
      – the differences between cultures and life in your country and japan
      – drop little hints about your love life to get them interested..use it as bait haha and then switch the subject.
      – current events and what they think
      – absolutely anything – just start running your mouth and gesturing wildly until you and your students find some middle ground of communication

  2. I’ve been keeping up with your blog and I’ve found it very helpful and informative when I applied to JET. Looking forward to meeting you in Tokyo! 🙂

  3. Just got accepted into JET (Group B!), and have to say your blog has really been insightful. I was hoping you could try to post about more classroom activities. What worked really well? What did you think would work, but ended up flopping…etc


  4. I just got told that I’m being placed in Gunma. I enjoy your blog and look forward to meeting you at Tokyo Orientation.

  5. Hi, I found out I’ll be placed in Gunma too (highly likely Tatebayashi).
    I’m also in Group B so am looking forward to your seminar about troubleshooting!

    I’m quite interested to know more about the classroom dynamics in schools – especially between the JTE and ALT. For example, when is it suitable/alright for the ALT to step in to troubleshoot and is it best to have the JTE and ALT present a united front when troubleshooting.

    Hope to be able to talk more with you at the Tokyo Orientation!

    1. Hey what`s up Rei? I think I`ve seen you on the facebook group. Congrats on getting in, and I will see you at orientation in a scant few weeks.

      As for your specific question on classroom dynamics, hmm..I`ll touch on it a bit here but you`ll be learning a lot about it in the next little while.

      I find that in most cases, being proactive and using your best judgement works every well. At first its kind of scary because you have no point of reference, but you have to get over that and just test the waters and see what sort of relationship you can forge with your JTE.

      The important point is to be proactive with getting to know your JTE and coworkers. For example, if you have a joking vibe with your JTE outside of class, then you`ll be much more able to jump in and make a quick correction without it looking like you`re overstepping your boundaries as an ALT.

      It will depend on each individual JTE and your comfort level, but push yourself and you`ll be surprised how quickly your JTE can warm up to you and how effective of a team you can be.

  6. Hello!

    My name is Hannah and I too have just heard I will be placed in Gunma! I am not sure where yet but judging by your time spent there it seems a lovely place to live.

    I have heard that the humidity is absolutely unbearable though. Is it really all that bad? Is there a facebook group I can join to chat to those also moving to Gunma? Is the area still really short on electricity?

    Your blog has been so helpful and really insightful so thank you very much!

    1. here you go:)

      The summer is pretty brutal. Some days, its like swimming in a sauna..but actually..when I look back on has an element of nostalgia to it. In Japan, seasons are so distinct and memorable that although you will suffer during summer, when winter rolls around you`ll be missing those warm summer nights, watching fireworks and going to local festivals.

      see you in a month:)

  7. Thanks for the heads up! I like the idea of such contrasting seasons. Here in London we only really see one season all year – grey and rainy.

    Do you know when we will be expected to start working in the school? I have heard that in August the kids are on holiday, so there is plenty of time to prepare.

    I have just been placed in Takasaki. Can you give me any info on the place? Where do you live?

    Thanks again!

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