I`m Still Alive

Yup and still kicking around in Japan. I`ve all but decided to recontract for a third year too!

I make no excuses for the dearth of updates or blog posts. However for some reason lately, I`ve been getting a lot of hits on both this blog and my youtube channel. So I`ve started feeling even more bad about my laziness lately.

I`ll get some updates going. No promises to break this time, and I hope that will keep the pressure to write something off. At least you guys know I`m still alive and thinking about my blog!


3 thoughts on “I`m Still Alive

  1. It’s really a shame that I didn’t find out about your blog earlier, and I think what you’re trying to do is really awesome !especially because I love driving and anything related to it. I’m a student and I am struggling with it, hoping to be able to work at least part time soon so that I can raise some funds for a nice japanese car.Heck, following your dream is the most satisfying experience! I think your car is really awesome! I found out about some Initial D ova’s and watched them, so after that I decided to search for some pro driving tips on Google. So this is how I found your cool blog. I am eagerly waiting for more updates and wish you the best of luck! Would be nice if I ever get the occasion to have a chat with you.

  2. I happened upon this randomly when doing Initial D research and I saw your old post when you showed the MX-5. I’m really interested in applying next year, although I’m 28. It’s a bit of a late start. Do you still have the MX-5? =)

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